Benefits of Joining ATAS as a Member

These will create awareness and provide publicity for events/activities you are organizing to reach a wider audience.

  • Opportunities to participate as an attendee, present a paper or take part in a panel discussion
  • Timely notification to enjoy early bird registration fee
  • Special discounted rates for members
  • Some webinars may be free for members

You are offered opportunities to network with Academics, Research Officers, Experts, Consultants, Professionals, Techno-entrepreneurs, Agribusiness community, etc.

As a member, you are given priority when making enquiries, enjoy shorter queues and faster response time.

Ordinary and Life members in good standing are entitled to participate and vote at AGMs/EGMs, to elect and stand for election to be Office Bearers, and be involved in decision-making processes that affect the performance and future direction of ATAS.

As a member, you are able to promote your expertise, professional qualifications and training, achievements, working experience and track records.  You can also showcase your latest technologies and research findings.

This is similar to the Linked-in portal but restricted to Academics, Research Scientists, Professionals, Agribusiness practitioners, Movers & Shakers in the Agricultural Sciences who join as members.

You have access to expertise and resources of international organizations via our strategic partners such as French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) (CIRAD) and Thought for Food (TFF).

This provides opportunities for junior and student ATAS members to receive pertinent industrial training, or specialized training as interns. As a research scientist, you can also link up and work closely with farmers and agribusiness practitioners to develop Proof of Concept for your technologies.

As a farmer or agribusiness practitioner, this will keep you aware of new technologies or business opportunities to invest in to upgrade your enterprise. Similarly, as a research scientist, you will be able to partner with the most relevant party to upscale and commercialize your new technologies.

Membership Plans









Entrance fee: RM50 (one-off) 

Subscription fee: RM20(yearly)

Entrance fee: RM100 (one-off)

Subscription fee: RM50 (yearly)

Entrance fee: RM100 (one-off)

Subscription fee: RM400 /one time

Entrance fee: RM1000 (one-off)

Subscription fee: RM300 /yearly