Heartfelt congratulations YBhg. Datin Paduka Setia, New Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)

ATAS would like to congratulate Datin Paduka Setia Dato’ Dr Aini Ideris, ATAS committee member on her appointment as New Fellow of The Academy of World Sciences. The announcement was made on Monday, 21 November, during TWAS General Meeting. The election of the new Fellows will be effective starting on 1 January 2023, bringing the total TWAS membership to 1,384.

YBhg. Datin Paduka Setia Dato’ Dr Aini Ideris is the Pro-Chancellor of the International Medical University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. YBhg. Datin Paduka pioneered animal vaccines development in Malaysia and has outstanding contributions in poultry health nationally and internationally. She plays an instrumental role in advancing efforts towards food security and sustainable food production in the developing countries, via successful cloning, development and commercialisation of four important poultry vaccines, namely, heat stable Newcastle disease (V4UPM) vaccine, fowl pox vaccine (Principal Researcher), and live and inactivated infectious bursal disease vaccines (Co-Researcher). Her research output has led to the establishment of the first and the only animal vaccines company in Malaysia, equipped with Good Manufacturing Practices facilities. Member of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, she has received the Excellence Community Leader Award, CHT Pursuit of Excellence Education Award, Millennium Academic Achievement Award, Women Icon Worker Award, among others.